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Austin Metzger, Editor in Chief

Having published stories for the school newspaper, Austin is living out his dream future!


Austin Metzger is a senior at Nevada Union high school, with his final year looking to be his most eventful. He is a returning member of the online multimedia class, which functions as an online journalism class where the students are given access to publish their works on the school newspaper and potentially even major news sources. 


But he didn’t come into his school years knowing that he wanted to pursue a career in journalism.


“I was very unaware of what I was really getting into or what I wanted to do.” Austin stated “Like, I’ve always considered myself an enthusiast with the arts”


He had displayed interest in this field, but never seriously invested himself into it. Instead of choosing classes around campus not really knowing what to do with himself. That is until he managed to get into a class where he could fully explore this passion.


“One of the other electives that I got, which I didn’t choose, I just got randomly was photojournalism,” Austin said “I thought that “oh this could be interesting, maybe it will lead to something” and from that point onward I got into it.”


It wasn’t as though this passion just came from this class, but rather it just allowed for him to express himself. 


“It’s just been a passion I’ve had since the beginning of high school,” Austin said “Both writing and photography, so they combo together very nicely”


Then the pandemic hit the school, sending him into zoom classes like others for his junior year. However, unlike most people who felt miserable during this time, this period of time helped Austin pursue his interest in journalism


“I would say that I got most into it during the pandemic” Austin stated, “Since they brought it back with online multimedia and that really rekindled my love for it.” 


Austin seems to be aiming to finish his high school years strong and has already made it into the school newspaper. He will definitely be able to finish high school strong and shows no signs of slowing down.

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Austin Metzger