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Varsity Baseball Game vs. Oakmont

In Tuesday’s home game on April 23 vs. Oakmont High School, the Nevada Union Varsity Baseball team lost 5-8. 


Miners came into the game with an overall score of 7-14, making them 5th in the Foothill Valley League. On the other hand, Oakmont had an overall score of 16-6 and they are 1st in the Foothill Valley League. Oakmont came into this game with a five game winning streak. 


The first inning came out very slow with neither team scoring a run, making it 0-0 in the first. 


Oakmont gained momentum and were able to get two runs in the second inning making it 0-2.


The Miners fell behind in the 3rd inning when Oakmont got two more runs, with the score at 0-4. 


The 4th inning finished slow with no one able to get a run so the score remained unchanged 0-4.


In the 5th inning Miners finally managed to get three runs but were still losing by one which ended up to Oakmont getting two more runs. The Miners were still losing 3-6.


In the 6th inning both teams had some heat in them. But the Miners were not able to get a run, leading to Oakmont getting two more, with the Miners still at the bottom 3-8. 


Finally it came to the 7th inning. The Miners channeled their frustration into scoring two runs and Oakmont scored none. Although the Miners didn’t end up winning, they put up a good fight against Oakmont. Final score was 5-8.

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Marlyn Valadez, Staff Writer
Marlyn Valadez is a freshman and a staff writer. This is her first year in student media at Nevada Union. In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends and go shopping. At school, she enjoys P.E. and culinary. She wants to learn and play sports every day. This year she would like to join the basketball team.

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