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Condon Skate Park Revamp


Nevada County has parks from Pioneer to Memorial Park but our most known park is Condon Park. Condon has a disc golf course, dog park, baseball fields, basketball court, playgrounds, trails everywhere and its most cherished skatepark. Over the years there have been many changes to these parks from baseball fields getting turf to the playgrounds being totally revamped and as of recently Condon’s Skatepark built in 2001 is finally getting its time to shine as plans have been made to revamp the entire skatepark itself. 


The skatepark as it is now is a Vert/Transition skatepark with street obstacles. With two big bowls and two rails, a set of stairs, a hex, a tabletop, one long ledge and one small ledge, the J, the ski jump and many other features that the park has to offer for every type of skating. The Union paper of Friday, April 19, 2024 has released a paper informing the county and its community about the changes that are to come for our wonderful skatepark stating [Approximately 50 skateboard enthusiasts from Grass Valley and other nearby areas are collaborating on designs and features and have entered their beginning stages.] in the Union’s newspaper. Matt Fluegge, Chief Executive officer for Grindline Skatepark Inc. has spoken at the Chambers of City Hall and is ready to implement the city’s [checklist] and what the professionals can do to perfect this revamp. 


Local high school skaters have similar opinions and wishes. Majority of the skaters included wanting lights to be implemented into the revamp for late afternoon skating. When being asked what features the skaters wanted this is what they said. Jordan Smith (11), says ”Umm, better rails, a manny pad, they should also have lights”. Dylan Davis (11), asks “Lights please”. Walter Russum (11), said “A working water fountain, lights, and a closer bathroom or fix the ones that are there”. 


With high hopes from the local skater community,  Skater Dom Chiapero (11) responded with “I feel it would be good for our community and really bring more skaters to the town” when being asked about how he feels about the revamp. Overall, the skater community is in big thanks to Grindline Skatepark Inc. for the skatepark revamping and the hard work they will put in for our skatepark. 

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Tanner Cortez is a junior and an editor for NUmedia. This is his first year in student media at Nevada Union. In their free time he likes to listen to music,play video games, and extremely loves to watch movies and shows. At school, he enjoys photography and history class and during lunch loves to say hi to all of his friends and relax.

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