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Miner Talk: The New Voice of NU

You may have seen posters around school advertising a new podcast called Miner Talk. This is a new show hosted by Vice Principal Luke Browning, where he’s sitting down with staff, students, and community members around NU. They’ll talk about different things going on around school, along with talking about certain clubs and activities.

I interviewed Mr. Browning to discover what the podcast is all about:

What made you want to start a podcast?

“The idea to start a podcast stemmed from a desire to illuminate the vibrant stories of the unsung heroes within our community,” said Browning. “My hope is that by sharing the diverse experiences and perspectives of both staff and students, we can foster a deeper sense of connection and understanding, ultimately enhancing our school culture.”

Who will be on the podcast, and what will you guys talk about?

“Our podcast will feature a range of guests, including faculty members, administrators, students, alumni, and other individuals who contribute to the fabric of our university. Each episode will delve into their personal journeys, achievements, challenges, and insights related to their roles at NU. Topics will vary widely, covering everything from academic pursuits and research endeavors to extracurricular involvement, personal passions, and community engagement initiatives.”

How long are you planning on keeping the show going?

“As for the duration of the show, we’re committed to keeping it going for the long haul. Our goal is to establish a sustainable platform that continuously highlights the richness and diversity of experiences within our university community, semester after semester.”

Poster on the wall advertising the new podcast.

Where can students find the podcast?

“Students can easily access the podcast through Spotify. The QR code is on all of the posters that are up around school.”

“In addition, we’re always open to feedback, suggestions, and guest recommendations from our listeners,” Browning added. “Our aim is to create a podcast that resonates with our audience and reflects the voices and experiences of the NU community authentically.”

New episodes of Miner Talk will be released every Sunday on Spotify.

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Grahm Lawell
Grahm Lawell, Editor/Writer
Grahm Lawell is a Freshman writer and editor for NU Media. This is his first year in student media at Nevada Union. In his free time he likes to play sports, travel, and snowboard. At school he enjoys history class, and plays on the Volleyball team.

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