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Leap Year Birthday Q&A

Andrew Thaggard

Happy Birthday to Derek Hernandez as he celebrates his birthday on February, 29 or otherwise known as “Leap Day.” NUmedia writers Andrew Thaggard and Marlyn Valadez interviewed Hernandez about his Leap Day Birthday. This is how the interview went.

Q: So what’s it like to have a birthday on Leap Day?

A: “It’s really weird because I’m supposed to be 16 but I’m just turning 4 years old in high school but I like it.

Q: Do you celebrate your birthday on the 28th or 1st?

A: “I celebrate on the 1st.” [March 1]

Q: Do you like having your birthday on Leap Year?

A: “Yes I do, because I think it’s really nice to have such a rare birthday.”

Q: What do you do to celebrate your birthday on Leap Day?

A: “I’m going to go home and have a little party with my family.”

Q: Did you have any special birthday celebrations on previous Leap Years?

A: “Yeah, I would have a larger celebration with family and friends that would last 2 days.”

As Leap Day only occurs once every 4 years, it is pretty rare for birthdays to happen as Hernandez describes it to be. Others like Hernandez also share the same birthday with him.

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