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What’s The NU Photography Program?

At Nevada Union, there are countless electives to choose from. Whether students are interested in art, sports, writing, food, construction, or just about anything else, they can pursue it by joining an elective. This is a great opportunity for students to learn more skills and get better at what they already know. Even though so many good things can be said about every elective, today I’ll be talking about one of them- photography.

The dark room located in the photography classroom.

So, what is this class for? Well, photography class is dedicated to students learning about cameras, different types of photography, and the history of photography, all with the goal of getting better at the skill. Every week or so there is a new unit with a new subject. These units usually involve learning about a certain technique or artist, and then going out and shooting photos in that style. The teacher I talked to said some of the most popular units are the pinhole camera unit, where students make their own camera from scratch and then develop the photos they took, the texture unit, where students take inspiration from famous photographers to take photos, and the ZINE assignment, where students learned about the seven elements of art by making a magazine.

The first-year photography teacher, Mrs. Broadbent.

Mrs. Broadbent, the new teacher for the classes, described the elective as this: “The class consists of learning the ins and outs of photography, we do a lot of digital here… and we also do a little bit of dark room.”

Earlier this month students also submitted their best work from this year for a chance to get it entered into the Winter Visual Arts show. These photos will then be printed and displayed for sale.

So, even though there are so many fantastic electives at Nevada Union, I hope you’ve now learned a little more about the photography classes. They are a great opportunity for anyone trying to learn or improve their skills.

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Grahm Lawell
Grahm Lawell, Editor/Writer
Grahm Lawell is a Freshman writer and editor for NU Media. This is his first year in student media at Nevada Union. In his free time he likes to play sports, travel, and snowboard. At school he enjoys history class, and plays on the Volleyball team.

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