NU Track Masters Recap

The Nevada Union Track Team made it to masters and made us known by doing great in Pole Vault, the Women’s 4x800m, Long Jump, and Hurdles!

Indy Lau, Editor

To qualify for CIF SJS Master’s in Track and Field, an athlete first has to qualify for sub-sections in the league, then qualify for sections, and finally for Masters. If an athlete does well enough in Masters they move on to CIF State.

Masters this year was held at Davis High School on the 19th of May. Nevada Union’s Pole Vaulter Chloe Metz-Thompson, a junior and the current record holder for NU’s Pole Vault record came 5th with a 10’ 6” jump.

The 4x800m Women’s team was made up of Eleni Keriotis a freshman, Zoe Keriotis a senior, Ellyse Halvorson a freshman, and Delaney Sherr a sophomore. Although Zoe Keriotis was injured the week of the meet so Isabelle Dooly, a senior runner stepped up to run. They had a time of 11:11.60 with placement in 22nd place.

Gracie Amick’s Long Jump was a 16’ 6” jump with placements not being posted.

Finally our Hurdler, Lavell Cross, with a 15.58 second 110m Hurdle, when asked about his performance said “I tried my hardest, had fun, but I’m going to break the record next year”.


LEFT: Chloe Metz-Thompson (11)










LEFT: Left To Right

Ellyse Halvorson (9)

Eleni Keriotis (9)

Delaney Sherr (10)

Zoe Keriotis (12)








Lavell Cross (11)