C Wing Dance Troupe Performs In Baggett Theatre


Donald Freeman, Staff Writer


       The annual Nevada Union High School spring dance performance took place on the dates of May 12th and 13th.  This year’s performance was titled Disney +, due to the fact the dancers performed to Disney songs.  The C Wing Dance Troupe performed two dances, one to the song Dig A Little Deeper, from the movie The Princess And The Frog, and one to You’ve Got A Friend In Me, from the movie Toy Story. I met with a few of the C Wing dancers and asked them questions about their experience dancing in the spring performance.  This is what they had to say:



  1. How did you feel performing in front of an audience, in the theater?
  2. Which dance did you like best to perform, Dig A Little Deeper or You’ve Got A Friend In Me, and why?
  3. Would you like to dance in a performance again, why?

1. Silas Hurd (10th)

  1. I was really excited to dance in the performance.  I enjoyed performing in front of the audience. 
  2. I enjoyed Dig A Little Deeper.  I liked doing the “digging” dance move.  I also liked the costume. 
  3. Yes, because I like to be happy, and dancing makes me happy.

2. Roy Bernards (10th)

  1. I was nervous.  I was a little worried I would forget my dance moves.  I never performed in front of that many people. 
  2. I liked performing the Toy Story song because I liked the costumes better.
  3. Yes, because I liked dancing with the girls.   

3. John Penkala (9th)

  1. I was nervous because there was a lot of people.
  2. I liked performing You’ve Got A Friend In Me because I liked the cowboy dance movies.
  3. Yes, because I feel confident.

4. Marley Starr (9th)

  1. It felt good. I enjoyed it when everybody clapped for us.
  2. I like both dances the same.  I really liked the songs we danced to. 
  3. Yes, Because I like to dance, and it is good exercise.

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